Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you sometimes feel trapped by the expectations and roles you play in life?
  • Do you find yourself escaping, looking for freedom, but actually getting caught in distractions?
  • Are you ready to be free from self-sabotage and live more fully in life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions
our Discovery program is for you!

Without consciously realizing it we all form a sense of who we are, an identity based in part on our childhood conditioning. We form beliefs about what to do to be good enough, how to get along with others, and what it means to be successful. Ultimately the conditioning people received early in life becomes too restrictive and often painful. This early conditioning was necessary but for those who want transformation the journey is to move beyond it.

The Discovery program is a deep dive into your conditioning so you will be able to move beyond it. With this understanding you will be able to break out of the “ruts” you’ve been living in, and open the door to a more expansive life of possibilities. Our passion is to provide powerful information, broken into bite-size pieces that can be integrated on a daily basis, building your confidence and resilience. This is the foundation for great relationships, leadership, and contribution.

Here are some key concepts this program covers:

  • Why your early conditioning is unconsciously undermining you and your relationships
  • The hidden needs that are driving everything you do
  • Laser insights into how you are currently “doing life”
  • The mindset that maximizes your capacity to experience daily moments of joy

“In is the only way out”

– Sadhguru

“Many times we go through life in autopilot mode, and The Discovery Program uncovers what is running that automatic system. This program is a deep dive into the components that make us who we are. When we realize this, we have a much better understanding of why we show up in life the way we do. It is a big step in moving towards life transformation for those who are ready for it. The facilitators have phenomenal expertise, delivery skills and compassion. I am so glad to have taken this program and highly recommend it!”

Susan Mann, Toronto, , Ontario, Canada 

This unique program offers:

  • Live interactive teaching sessions and experiential activities
  • Step by step worksheets that deepen the teachings
  • Written highlights of the core content
  • Practice sheets that integrate the tools in your daily life
  • A live weekly Q&A integration session


The Big Picture of YOU

  • Discover the nature of identity and how yours was formed

  • Define the 3 main stages of your Identity Journey

  • Uncover the key mindset shifts necessary for each stage of your Identity Journey


The Destructive External Mindset

  • Learn how we inherited this way of thinking

  • Reveal the truth of why we want to control others even when we know better

  • Explore the 3 levels of external control and their consequences


Genetic Needs

  • Finally, identify the engine for motivation and satisfaction 
  • Realize how your needs evolved
  • Make the link between your needs and losing energy


The Internal Mindset

  • Appreciate the power of understanding you are an internal control system 
  • Unravel the chemical link between thoughts, feelings, actions and physiology 
  • Understand why your mind needs a clear want/ goal to be effective


Scripts, Roles and Expectations

  • Reconcile with how your family, culture and early socializing, influence who you are
  • Discern between conscious and unconscious conditioning – what you did and didn’t choose  
  • Release the “shoulds” and expectations that trap you


Successes, Losses and Traumas

  • Confront how experiences form beliefs and have influenced your sense of self
  • Relish the freedom you gain by recognizing and understanding your beliefs 
  • Unlock limiting beliefs through the Belief Iceberg 


Beliefs and Letting Go

  • Acknowledge the identity you formed and its purpose
  • Experience how acceptance accelerates the growth process
  • Permit the shift from making yourself “wrong” to “right”


Unveiling the Mystery of Presence

  • Perceive true presence and the levels of becoming present 
  • Examine the price you pay for not being present
  • Connect the link between presence and daily fulfillment


Putting it all together

  • Consolidate and deepen the 9 weeks of learning
  • Benchmark your “Before and After” growth
  • Seek Inner Peace – the next step of identity transformation

The schedule for The Discovery program 2023 is:

9 Live Online
Sundays, 6:30-9:00PM PST

Feb 19

Feb 26

Mar 5

Mar 12

Mar 19

Mar 26

Apr 2

Apr 16*

Apr 23

*No sessions April 9th and April 12th (Easter Weekend)

9 Live Online
Wednesdays, 6:30-7:30 PM PST

Feb 22

Mar 1

Mar 8

Mar 15

Mar 22

Mar 29

Apr 5

Apr 19

Apr 26

Your investment for 9 weeks of training is just CDN$949 (Tax incl.).

Join us on the journey…

People transforming together igniting joyful appreciation for all life

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