Ask yourself these questions…

  • Do you sometimes feel like you’ve got it all together yet other days you’re barely hanging on?
  • Do you want to be more in control of your thoughts, feelings and overall life?
  • Are you craving more stability, clarity and peace in your life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions
our 4 week course is for you!

Whether it’s challenging relationships, work-home balance, parenting in an ever changing chaotic world, or finding fulfilling work, life today is complicated. When life all around you feels turbulent, discovering inner stability makes all the difference. It’s the foundation for your wellbeing that will help you breathe again, create deeper connections and have a more expansive perspective as you handle circumstances beyond your control.

Inner Balance is a 4 week online program that focuses on “what” takes you out of balance, how to regain it and lastly how to sustain your inner stability. Each week offers key concepts, tools, and experiential exercises to integrate the learnings.

Here are some key concepts this program covers:

  • How to be in charge of your inner world so your outer world doesn’t immobilize you
  • How to recognize your inner signals and use them in a constructive manner
  • How to sustain your inner stability and effectively interact with others

“Balance within yourself brings access to the magic of life.”

– Sadhguru

This unique program offers:

  • Short recorded teaching segments you watch at the flexibility of your schedule
  • Step by step worksheets that deepen the teachings
  • Practice sheets that integrate the tools in your daily life
  • A live weekly Q&A filled with ah-ha moments that will accelerate your growth (also recorded)

Inner Balance includes:


What takes you out of balance

This week you will discover the power of knowing what is on your “internal scale” and the critical information your feelings provide.


What you need to know for balance

Week 2 explores the relationship between your thoughts and feelings and why optimizing your thinking is the key.


How to regain

Week 3 dives into the power of understanding what you really want and can control. This is pivotal to effectively handling challenges.


How to sustain

This week captures the ways you sabotage yourself and focuses on key steps of speaking up and being direct with what you want.

Sound familiar???

If these ideas sound familiar, we invite you to ask yourself, “How well am I living what I know?” Most of us have a lag between our knowledge and our ability to live it. This course is an opportunity to practice and integrate the tools so that you feel in effective control of your life.


Join us on the journey...

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